President Bidhya Devi Bhandari has lauded the significant contribution of the National Park and Forest Administration, security bodies including the Nepal Army, local communities, and stakeholders in the conservation of tigers and control of poaching as well as illegal trade.

On the occasion of World Tiger Day today, President Bhandari said that this was also a day to pledge for effective conservation of endangered wildlife, including tigers.

According to the World Tiger Conference held in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2010, July 29 is celebrated every year as International Tiger Day.

President Bhandari noted significant achievements in the field of tiger conservation as management of grassland, water resources, regular patrols, mitigation of human-wildlife conflicts, awareness programs, periodic number verification, and monitoring programs were being properly carried out.

“I am pleased that the Government of Nepal has been active in community to national and international inter-governmental networks and forums on tiger conservation. It is our responsibility to protect tigers as an indicator of a healthy ecosystem while conserving biodiversity to minimize adverse effects of climate change,” the President’s message released on the occasion reads.

President Bhandari said that serious attention should be drawn towards building infrastructure to ensure the movement of wild animals, including tigers, and to take measures to reduce the negative impact on wildlife.

She added that tourism activities should be promoted to increase the nation’s income from domestic and foreign tourists traveling in the country.