Road Division, Kathmandu, the department responsible for road construction and maintenance within Kathmandu district has condemned KMC’s action of dumping a truckload of dirt outside the division as a mockery of the rule of law.

In a press release, the Road Division emphasized that this confrontational approach does not enhance the metropolis’s dignity and pointed out that all permissions for road cutting requested by the division from KMC had been granted according to regulations. The division highlighted that unauthorized work by KMC earlier that day in the New Road area, which involved reducing the road’s standard width, was impermissible.

The release also mentions that, on Friday (2081/02/11), the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City and the head of this division discussed various issues related to road improvement within the metropolis. Furthermore, it was noted that all permissions requested for road cutting by this division from the Metropolitan Corporation had been granted according to the rules previously.

However, on 2081/02/12, around 12:00 PM in the New Road area, the metropolis, without permission, engaged in work reducing the standard width of a road under the responsibility of this division. The Road Division maintains that road narrowing without permission is not permissible.

The release also accuses the mayor of taking revenge on an unrelated matter that does not concern the department.

The Road Division stressed its openness to constructive criticism and positive suggestions but insisted that unrelated chaotic behavior must be addressed appropriately. They called for a resolution that respects the rule of law and constructive dialogue for the betterment of Kathmandu’s infrastructure and air quality.

Mayor Shah on Saturday took to social media to accuse Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Raghubir Mahaseth, of obstructing the project’s progress.