Ranju Darshana, a leader of the Bibeksheel Sajha Party, has left the party saying that the party’s main leadership had turned hypocritical. In a statement issued on Thursday, Ranju said that she had exited the party and now on she would be politically active only in the role of a conscious independent citizen.

“The party I am currently associated with has been causing excessive pollution under the garb of alternative politics in federal democratic Nepal. I tried to clean it but failed miserably. Thus, I cannot further increase pollution in Nepali politics by staying with the same organization,” she said.

Ranju, who was a secretariat member of the party, has written a letter to the party president Rabindra Mishra and informed about her exit.

She had contested as the youngest Mayoral candidate of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City against the current Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya.

An intra-party rift has emerged in the Bibeksheel Sajha Party after the faction led by Mishra decided to remove coordinator Milan Pandey from the party, stripping him of his general membership. The party’s central committee meeting on Tuesday decided to remove Pandey, and warned him against using the party’s name, stamp and symbol.

The dispute between the two groups started in July as Mishra proposed abolishing federalism and holding a referendum on secularism to change the course of the country’s politics.

A few days after that, the dissident faction led by the party’s coordinator Milan Pandey had floated another document against Mishra’s, arguing the anti-federalism proposal was regressive.
But, the party’s meeting on October 28 endorsed Mishra’s document. It also decided that the party chairperson Mishra would have major executive powers in the party affairs. Before this, both Mishra and Pandey had enjoyed equal rights.

The Bibeksheel Sajha Party was formed out of the merger between the then Bibeksheel Nepali and Sajha Party in the run-up to the 2017 parliamentary elections. However, they had split in early January 2019 to re-merge again in December 2020.