Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi held a meeting on Thursday at Hyderabad House, New Delhi.

PM Dahal and his delegation, who are currently in India on an official visit, held a bilateral meeting and signed agreements on seven topics including electricity purchase, cross-border energy trade, construction of petroleum pipelines, air routes, cross-border digital payments, and transits.

Holding a joint press conference, the Prime Ministers of the two nations inaugurated and laid the foundation of some projects including a dry port in Nepalgunj and a railway service from Bathnaha, India to Budhanagar in Biratnagar.

Meanwhile, Indian PM Modi also expressed his commitment to solving border issues between India and Nepal.

After the conference, Indian PM Modi is hosting a luncheon at Hyderabad House in honor of Prime Minister Dahal and his delegation.

Dahal and his team of around 100 members departed for four-day visit in India on Wednesday afternoon. The team includes ministers, government secretaries, security officials, media persons and members of the business community.