The Nepal Medical Association (NMA) issued a press release today to draw the government’s attention towards the worsening health of Dr Govinda KC.

Dr KC has been staging his 19th relay hunger strike demanding reforms in the medical education sector since September 14.

NMA, in its press statement, reminded the government that no initiative had been taken to save Dr KC’s life despite the senior orthopaedic surgeon staging fast-unto-death strike since the last 17 days.

NMA has also reminded the government that it was the state’s responsibility to implement previously reached agreements with Dr KC, urging the government to form a team for dialogue with the doctor.

“Respecting the spirit of the 19th peaceful satyagraha by Dr KC, aimed at ensuring easy access to quality health care and medical education for all citizens by implementing past agreements signed by the government itself and protecting Dr KC’s life is the government’s responsibility. Therefore, the Nepal Medical Association strongly urges Nepal Government to find a solution to the problem as soon as possible through meaningful dialogue, ” the statement reads.

The Association has also warned that if the government fails to form a negotiation team to save Dr KC’s life, it will be forced to take drastic steps.