National Assembly Parliamentarians have highlighted the urgent need for the government to declare a special situation and implement immediate measures to curb the escalating rate of road accidents across the country.

Lawmaker Bimala Ghimire cited the alarming increase in road accidents over the years. She urged the government to provide free medical treatment to those injured in road accidents and stressed the need for comprehensive measures to address the root causes of accidents, including poor road conditions, driver recklessness, operation of old vehicles, and heavy traffic.

Echoing Ghimire’s concerns, lawmaker Jayanti Rai called for the implementation of a special plan aimed at mitigating road accidents, citing a disturbing rise in road casualties.

Similarly, Krishna Bahadur Rokaya and Maya Prasad Sharma emphasized the urgency of government intervention to reduce road fatalities by conducting health checks on vehicles and upgrading road infrastructure to ensure safer transportation.