The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MoEST) has issued a 10-point request letter to local levels, urging them to take action in enforcing regulations regarding school fees and scholarships, particularly in private institutions.

The MoEST has emphasized the importance of adhering strictly to existing regulations, particularly in private schools.

According to the Compulsory and Free Education Act of 2075 BS, private investment schools and those under public educational groups must provide scholarships from early childhood development to 12th grade. These scholarships are mandated to cover a percentage of students based on the school’s enrollment size: 10 percent for schools with up to 500 students, 12 percent for those with 500 to 800 students, and 15 percent for schools with over 800 students.

Furthermore, the Ministry has called for the elimination of fees in public schools up to grade 12. Despite this directive, certain public schools have been found to levy fees for examinations, annual charges, and admissions, which contravenes the law.

Effective implementation of scholarship provisions is also underscored by the MoEST, urging schools and local governments to ensure transparency by publishing details of fees and scholarships on their websites or through other accessible means.