Kathmandu, September 4

Balendra Shah (Balen), who was elected the mayor of Kathmandu metropolis with independent candidacy, has completed 100 days since assuming office. Using his social media platform to address his hundred days as Mayor of Kathmandu, he has promised not to disappoint those who have trusted and supported him.

Issuing a press release, Mayor Balen has addressed several points of contention, as viewed by him, and his office – for example, necessity to remove street vendors from Baneshwor and Ason, investment in E-sports, hurdles associated with waste management, and removal of an illegal structure from Norvic Hospital.

Mayor Balen, most recently led an initiative to demolish illegal structures around the metropolis, and made efforts to clear up encroached parking spaces following a 35 day public notice. Meanwhile, KMC is currently focusing on removing illegal digital hoarding boards. Such campaigns are now being implemented by other metropolis and municipalities as well.

One of the areas, where the metropolis has not been able to perform as expected is in waste management and Mayor Balens has admitted that the waste disposal management has not gone as expected.

However, stating that it is a five-year plan and not a 100-day race, he has justified that the metropolis has succeeded in bringing the waste disposal problem to the surface the problem that has been rotting without attention for almost two decades.

Meanwhile, Kishore Thapa, former secretary of the Ministry of Urban Development, said, ‘What can the local government do and what needs to be done is being shown by Mayor Balen. Other local levels should learn from his work. His working method has raised hopes from the local government of Kathmandu.