KMC’s mayor Balendra Shah (Balen), on Sunday announced an inclusive and sustainable vision for the metropolis for the upcoming fiscal year, in which cultural preservation and proper sanitation sees priority. The announcements were made from City Hall in the presence of Deputy Mayor Sunita Dangol and other KMC officials.

With a theme of  “Cultural City, Prosperous Metropolis”, KMC has said the plans and policies are aimed at the long term vision of Kathmandu Metropolis. A few of the announcements are:

Cultural Preservation: 

Transformation of bus stops into Phalcha:s (traditional resting places)

Revival of the Hiti:s – ancient water spouts scattered across Kathmandu Valley

Creation of a cultural profile which includes traditional festivals, cultures, and heritages

Reestablishment of Dabalis – traditional outdoor performance venues


Sustainable practices of waste management which include waste segregation, generation of energy from waste, a ban on plastic bags.

Upkeep and improvement on existing sewarage lines, and drinking water pipes

Besides sanitation and cultural preservation, KMC has also laid continued focus on other areas which include education, health, road infrastructure, designated pedestrian areas, social welfare, and urban infrastructure. Staying true to his election manifesto, Mayor Balendra Shah has focused on digitisation of KMC, branding and promotion of KMC through films, and promotion of vocational and technical knowledge in schools and other institutions.