The enrollment of migrant workers in the Social Security Fund (SSF) has started to increase. These workers are individuals who have obtained labor permits and are working overseas.

According to the provision, workers preparing to work abroad must be registered with the Fund before obtaining their work permits. In total, 423,092 formal sector workers have been associated with the Fund.

To date, 260,082 migrant workers have joined the social security scheme administered by the SSF. On March 22, 2023, the government introduced a provision that mandates migrant workers to be affiliated with the Social Security Fund.

Moreover, a combined total of 639,174 workers from both the formal sector and the overseas employment sector have been linked to the Fund. The Fund has disbursed Rs 5 billion in claims to contributors under various social security programs.

Bibek Panthi, a spokesperson for the Fund, stated that 18,000 employers have been registered with the Fund, contributing a total of Rs 36.26 billion thus far. The Fund collects an 11 percent monthly contribution from formal sector workers and a 20 percent contribution from employers.

To date, 88,585 contributors have received various entitlements from the Fund.


With inputs from RSS.