Chandra Ghale from Gorkha was arrested at Tribhuvan International Airport upon his arrival from Flight Dubai on Thursday night for carrying approximately 14 kilograms of gold.

Shobhakant Poudel, the Director General of the Customs Department, stated that further investigations are underway to ascertain Ghale’s identity and the source of the seized gold.

The gold, concealed in a plate inside his body, will undergo additional examination to assess its quality. Poudel also mentioned that details about Ghale and individuals in contact with him are being scrutinized, and there may be additional individuals involved in the investigation.

Ghale’s arrival information had been received on Wednesday, prompting surveillance at the airport. When he didn’t arrive on Wednesday, officials monitored the Thursday flight, leading to Ghale’s discreet apprehension upon attempting to leave, resulting in his arrest by the airport team.