A tragic incident unfolded at Kanti Bal Hospital as a 6-year-old girl, Rejisha Gopali, lost her life due to the delay in receiving crucial medical treatment. The young girl was rushed to the hospital’s “Emergency” ward but tragically passed away while awaiting care, with her treatment delayed for a distressing two hours. She suffered from a high fever and vomiting when she was brought to the hospital.

This case has caught the attention of the House of Representatives. Prominent Nepali Congress leader, Gagan Thapa, has called upon the government to provide a detailed account regarding the tragic death of the young girl due to a lack of medical treatment. Thapa has urged for a thorough investigation into the hospital’s management.

Echoing Thapa’s concerns, Mahesh Bartola, representing the UML, has pressed for the Health Minister’s immediate response to this distressing incident. Bartola has further called for swift action against those responsible for the tragedy and a commitment to delivering justice for the victim.

Chanda Karki, a leader from the Rashtriya Samajwadi Party (RSP) has emphasized that the hospital’s inability to provide timely treatment due to a shortage of medical practitioners is a grave concern. She has pressed for immediate measures to address this issue, demanding a sufficient and well-organized deployment of doctors to ensure such medical lapses do not re-occur.