As per the report published by Ministry of Health and Population, here are a few updates on coronavirus situation in Nepal:

No. of people vaccinated against COVID-19 in last 24 hours: 79,569

Total no. of PCR tests done in Nepal: 4,520,580

No. of PCR tests in last 24 hours: 6,505

No. of cases: 817,672

Active cases: 7,476

Recovery: 798,714

Death: 11,482

New cases: 339

Contact Tracing: Ongoing

Mobile App: As per the mobile app and website of MoHP launched by MoHP, HamroSwasthya mobile app

(Critical Infected-Patients in Nepal)

Patients in ICU: 219

Patients in Ventilator: 59

Disclaimer: All information relayed as per the report published by MoHP.