At a meeting under the coordination of Health Minister yesterday, the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) decided to allow private and community healthcare facilities to conduct RT-PCR tests for people who want to take the test.

In its interim notice, the Ministry has stated that the price charged for the test cannot be more that 20 percent of the purchase cost.

MoHP, in another notice, has said that the exact cost for the test has yet to be determined. The ministry has also refuted rumours that each test will cost Rs 15,000.

ICS Coordinator of the Ministry, Dr. Gunaraj Lohani, has published a letter saying, “The price of the test, designated laboratory, and adaptation of security arrangements have yet to be decided.”

In the published letter, he also said, “Journalists, who are considered forth pillar of the nation, should only spread correct information during such an alarming situation.”

Spokesperson for the Ministry, Dr. Bikash Devkota, has said that a decision will be taken soon, and requested media to stop spreading panic and fear through wrong information.

Meanwhile, the misleading information of a third death due to coronavirus at Butwal-based Crimson Hospital is spreading like wildfire despite being fake news.

“Different media have published misleading news about the coronavirus infected person at Crimson Hospital – the man is attached to a ventilator and his health condition is serious. Hence, we request all media outlets to check official notice before publishing such information.”