Chief Justice (CJ) Cholendra Shamsher JB Rana issued a statement on Monday calling the Nepal Bar Association (NBA) and Supreme Court Bar Association for dialogue to end the ongoing stalemate.

“NBA, Supreme Court Bar Association, and bar units across the nation are an inseparable part of the judiciary. Thus, as holding a dialogue is the only way to resolve the ongoing issues, I call the bar representatives for a dialogue,” CJ Rana said in his statement.

“People’s trust and confidence is the biggest strength of judiciary. But the crisis facing the judiciary today has put the public confidence at stake. Thus, it is the responsibility of both, bar and bench, to resolve the ongoing issue and protect the dignity of the judiciary.”

Rana said that he was ready to implement the report submitted by Justice Hari Krishna Karki and all other reports in order to ensure judicial reforms. The CJ also expressed his serious concern over the ongoing protest of the law practitioners, stating that the law practitioners were making false, misleading, and baseless allegations on the supreme judicial office of the nation.

After Rana’s statement, NBA Chairman Chandeshwor Shrestha reiterated that the Chief Justice had “failed to protect the judiciary’s dignity” and that the only option for him was to resign.

The Nepal Bar Association, an association of legal practitioners, has been agitating for weeks now demanding the ‘overall reform’ of the judiciary as well as Rana’s resignation.

Similarly, Chairman of the Supreme Court Bar Association Purnaman Shakya said, “We will not hold talks with Rana. Our talks will be with the leadership that will come after his resignation.”

Meanwhile, former and current officials of the Bar have urged their leadership not to compromise on the demand for resignation.