Four days after the election completion in Nepal, the ballot boxes were brought to the district headquarter of Humla today afternoon.

134 ballot boxes stored in the election center of Sarkegad Rural Municipality were transported to Simikot today via a helicopter of Nepal Army.

Shyam Bahadur Rana, Acting Election Officer of District Election Office Humla, informed that the ballot boxes of 34 polling stations were brought to the district headquarter.

Rana said that the ballot box was stuck till now as helicopter wasn’t able to reach Sarkegad. Similarly, 49 government officials including election officers and security personnel were stranded.

As the ballot boxes of all centers have been collected, preparations are being made to hold an all-party meeting by today afternoon.

The voter turnout in Humla was over 77 percent in Sunday’s federal and provincial elections. Among 32,581 people who were eligible to cast their vote, 25,095 voted.

The condition of vote counting is similar in other rural northern districts where a helicopter is required to transport ballot boxes.

Vote counting in Mugu district started on Wednesday, four days after the election as it took three days to bring the ballot boxes to the district headquarters from the remote northern belt of the district.