The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA), on Thursday, began Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) in an effort to control unauthorized mobile phones in Nepal. After the news, many have questions about what will happen to phones that are brought into Nepal as gifts or the mobile phones of tourists (temporary visitors) who visit Nepal?

Aawaaj News approached Nepal Telecom Authority with the queries and asked the same questions to Dharmendra Mehta from Technology Development Forum at NTA.

According to Mehta, the MDMS system is being implemented to control unauthorized entry of mobile phones in Nepal illegally which are used in criminal activities and hence, difficult to track down.

“We are discussing allowing tourists to operate their mobile phones for 2 weeks, after which they will also have to register their phones by visiting the website. Also, those who have brought/received mobile phones from abroad can simply register their phone by visiting the website and the phone will work,” said Mehta.

Mehta has requested to not panic stating the purpose of MDMS system is to register all new phone entering Nepal and not to ban imports. Mobile phones operating before the implementation of this system are automatically registered. New mobile phones coming in after yesterday, September 15, 2022, will have to be registered to work in Nepal.

“With MDMS system we will have details of your mobile phone such as your IMEI number so even if you have no details regarding your mobile phone, you can ask for details after registration with MDMS system, in cases of theft or loss,” said Mehta.

In order to register a mobile phone or to check whether the mobile phones are registered before making a purchase, one can visit – the official MDMS registration site. However, a quick visit to the website shows that while one can check the status of one’s registration, a provision to register new phones is yet to be integrated to the site. When asked about this, Mehta said the form should be integrated soon.

Mehta has also urged public not to panic, stating the system is in trial phase and more details will be released after it is fully implemented within 2 months.