The government is all set to start administering Pfizer vaccines to people aged 12 years and above suffering from long-term illnesses from Sunday.

The first dose of vaccine will be given from 14-20 November, while the second dose will be administered from 13-17 December. The vaccine should be given in two doses within 21 to 28 days of receiving the first dose.

The Ministry of Health and Population has stated that chronically ill patients should go to the designated hospital for vaccination with their official diagnosis documents so as to be eligible to get the jab.

This time, the government will be administering the one million doses of Pfizer vaccine provided by the United States under the COVAX facility. As many as eight hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley and 16 hospitals outside the Valley have been designated as vaccination centers.

People who’ve had heart surgery or are taking heart-related medication; those who’ve undergone a kidney transplant, dialysis or are taking related medicines; those suffering from and being treated for cancer; people that are taking medicines for lung-related diseases; those who’ve undergone organ transplant; people being treated for high blood pressure or diabetes; immune-compromised; and people suffering from diseases of the brain and blood vessels of the brain will be eligible to get the Pfizer vaccine during the upcoming inoculation drive.