The Kathmandu Metropolitan Police has forcibly removed protestors from Shantibatika and locked the premises, sparking outrage among the affected families. This prompted the victims to convene a joint press conference on Thursday.

Victims, expressing their grievances, accused Mayor Balen Shah of infringing upon their right to peaceful protest and freedom of speech.

In a press conference at Shantibatika, victims alleged mistreatment by the Metropolitan, with Aarti Sah’s brother, Prem, expressing frustration over the delay in justice for his sister. He criticized Mayor Shah for what he described as oppressive behavior towards the marginalized.

Aarti Giri, wife of judge Bhuvan Giri, who has been on strike for 25 days, accused the court of neglecting evidence and protecting her husband, who is allegedly involved in criminal activities.

Following the issuance of a prohibition order in Maitighar Mandala, individuals who were peacefully assembled there were relocated to Shantibatika under the pretext of being allowed to gather there.