A clash broke out between members of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) and police forces during a demonstration in Kathmandu on Tuesday.

The confrontation occurred in front of the main gate of the Singha Durbar, where protestors, led by RPP President Rajendra Lingden, gathered demanding a series of reforms.

The demonstration, which began at Bhrikutimandap, escalated into violence as protestors attempted to breach restricted areas, prompting police intervention. As tensions mounted, stone pelting and baton charges ensued between the protestors and police.

Police attempted to disperse the crowd by utilizing water cannons and employing baton charges to prevent them from advancing towards the Singha Durbar. The clash intensified as both sides engaged in a standoff, with protestors refusing to retreat and police attempting to maintain order.

The RPP protestors, advocating for a range of demands including the restoration of the monarchy, the establishment of a government led by a king, the abolition of secularism, and the declaration of Nepal as a Hindu nation, voiced their grievances through the demonstration.