Animal rights activists staged a protest outside the WWF office in Baluwatar on Tuesday, demanding answers regarding the deaths of three tigers in Parsa National Park.

The protesters highlighted concerns over the deaths of three caged adult tigers within the past five months, despite an overall increase in the tiger population. They criticized the lack of proper protection for tigers, emphasizing that although their numbers have risen, conservation efforts must extend to ensuring their well-being beyond mere population growth.

The recent deaths include one female and two male tigers, which were transferred from Chitwan National Park and Parsa Thori to Parsa National Park for rehabilitation. Officials from the Parsa National Park administration stated that an eight-year-old adult male tiger, rescued from Chitwan National Park last June, died due to illness.

The administration acknowledged the overcrowding issue in the park’s cages, which were designed to accommodate only two tigers, causing distressing conditions for the animals.

Ramchandra Khatiwada, the chief conservation officer of the park, attributed the tiger’s death to prolonged captivity and illness. Despite the park’s efforts to increase the tiger population, concerns persist regarding the management and welfare of these animals.

During the demonstration, activists called attention to the plight of tigers kept in captivity across the country and urged authorities to implement proper management practices. They criticized the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) for its perceived inaction and demanded accountability regarding the protection of tigers and other wildlife.

The protesters carried pamphlets with slogans such as “The tiger was not born for your whims, but for its own existence,” “Protect Tigers, Save Biodiversity,” and “Why are tigers locked in cages when their population has tripled?”