The National News Agency (RSS) recently convened a discussion focusing on implementing a new integrated news software and evaluating organizational management. The RSS management team delved into various aspects of news software and organizational management through presentations during the event.

Dharmendra Jha, the Executive Chairman of RSS, expressed his belief that the integrated news software would enhance news production and editing while fostering employee discipline. He also mentioned ongoing efforts to seek endorsement for the new organization and management framework through amendments to existing legislation and by-regulations, with relevant documents forwarded to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Siddha Raj Rai, the General Manager, emphasized the imminent enforcement of the integrated news software, incorporating employee input. He stressed the significance of the organization and management survey for RSS.

In his presentation on organizational management, Deputy General Manager Raju Shakya proposed adding 19 new positions to the existing 165 positions at RSS to ensure effective operations in news, finance, administration, and IT departments.

Another Deputy General Manager, Shyam Prasad Rimal, argued that the new organization and management plan would enhance the quality and efficiency of RSS news and play a crucial role in employee career development.

Additionally, Deputy General Manager Somnath Lamichhane mentioned the creation of separate dashboards for reporting and editing sections, including English, Nepali, and international, for improved workflow efficiency.