Minister of Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma recently announced plans to ensure complete telecommunications coverage in 14 districts, with two districts selected from each of the seven provinces in Nepal.

During an interaction program on service delivery and reforms of Nepal Telecom held in Simara, Bara, Minister Sharma expressed her commitment to providing comprehensive telecommunications services to the selected districts within the current fiscal year. However, she also acknowledged that challenges may arise due to insufficient coordination among government agencies involved in infrastructure development.

Minister Sharma urged the concerned agencies to collaborate and coordinate their efforts in developing infrastructure for roads, drinking water, electricity, and telecommunications.

Furthermore, she revealed that ongoing coordination with the Ministry of Forest was underway, specifically regarding expanding telephone optical fiber and tower development in forest areas and national parks.

In addition to expanding telecommunications services, the government is working towards ensuring internet access in all schools across the country during the fiscal year. This initiative aims to incorporate technology-driven education.

Moreover, Minister Sharma expressed her dedication to providing complete telecommunications services along the East-West Highway and north-south highways.

During the event, various stakeholders offered suggestions, including former Minister and MP Kisan Shrestha, Chairman of Nepal Telecom, and Officiating Secretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Baburam Bhandari, and several Members of Parliament. They emphasized the importance of formulating concrete action plans to ensure accessible and high-quality services in the telecommunications sector.


With inputs from RSS