Dr. Beduram Bhusal, the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, has announced that the lumpy skin disease is now being effectively managed. During a press conference held at the ministry headquarters in Singha Durbar on Sunday, Minister Bhusal acknowledged that although the disease had adversely affected livestock, recent efforts have led to its control.

He emphasized the government’s ongoing commitment to preventing and treating the disease, mentioning that vaccines against it had been imported from Jordan, Tanzania, and Turkey.

The Minister also disclosed that over 1.3 million vaccine doses had been brought in, resulting in nearly one million cattle being immunized against the deadly ailment. He noted a growing number of cattle making a recovery.

Among the country’s 1.5 million diseased livestock, almost 1.4 million have now recuperated, as per the Minister’s update. Currently, ministry data indicates that 73,636 livestock are still afflicted by the disease, while the total livestock casualties stand at 52,548.

Regarding assistance for farmers who have lost cattle, the government would decide on a relief distribution plan. A proposal for approval has been sent to the Finance Ministry and Home Ministry.