Parshuram Khapung, the Chief of Koshi Province, has called for the swift formation of a new government within a week.

This call to action, in accordance with Article 168 (5) of the Constitution of Nepal, follows the resignation of Chief Minister Hikmat Kumar Karki on Saturday.

Narendra Kumar Shrestha, the spokesperson for the Office of the Province Chief, affirmed in a press statement that Chief Khapung has invited any member of the Province Assembly to submit their candidacy by 5:00 PM on October 13.

This submission should be accompanied by compelling grounds to secure a vote of confidence in the Province Assembly.

Since the general election last November, the government in Koshi has undergone four changes. Three of the four provisions outlined in Article 168 of the Constitution have been invoked in the formation of the provincial government.

All three administrations failed to secure a majority mandate, resulting in their subsequent dissolution. Consequently, parties have lost the opportunity to assume the role of Chief Minister.