The government of Karnali province has planned to provide 17 different types of incentives this year to promote farming activities in the province. These various grants are set to be distributed as part of the approved program for the current fiscal year 2080-81.

According to the provincial agriculture department, farmers involved in agricultural business groups, agricultural cooperatives, entrepreneurs, and private companies can apply for these subsidies. The department has specified that agricultural assistance will be extended to Dalit women and disadvantaged groups as part of the targeted income generation program.

These subsidies will support income-generating initiatives, such as programs for individuals with disabilities, the promotion of pulse crops, and the distribution of advanced seeds.

Chitra Bahadur Rokaya, the Acting Director of the Agriculture Directorate, explained that the subsidies will cover activities like food crop seed production, beekeeping, tea cultivation, and the promotion of commercial agricultural businesses.

Furthermore, the Directorate will offer subsidies for land rental costs and electricity tariffs. Rokaya mentioned that support will be provided for agricultural technicians’ training, orientation, and involvement.

Organizations and firms must meet specific criteria to be eligible for these subsidies, including official registration details, an agricultural business schedule, and other required documentation, as outlined in a notice issued by the Directorate.

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