Jitiya festival is being observed by married women in the Mithila community.

It falls on seventh to ninth days of Krishna Pakshya in the month of Ashwin. During this festival, women fast without water to pray for the well-being of their children.

At midnight, they have a special feast called ‘Ogatan’ before starting their waterless fast.

They also perform a sacred bathing ritual in nearby water bodies, which adds a sense of holiness to their observance.

It’s deeply rooted in the Hindu Maithil tradition. Women offer various items to Lord Jitamohan and their departed ancestors, like beaten rice, curd, and tasty dishes made from mango, jaggery, and mustard oil, all placed on a sponge gourd leaf.

Besides its religious significance, Jitiya shows the important role women play in Mithila culture.

It is believed that this ritual ensures a long and courageous life for their children and spouses.

(With inputs from RSS)