During the last fiscal year, Nepal imported millet worth Rs 513 million from India. The millet imports were recorded at the Kakarbhitta customs point, reaching 16,035 metric tons.

Moreover, imports of other agricultural products were also significant. Pumpkin imports from India amounted to Rs 57.7 million, and chilly imports reached nearly Rs 200 million through the Kakarbhitta customs point in the fiscal year 2079/80 BS.

Additionally, various fruits and vegetables, such as onion, tomato, long guard, yam, watermelon, and ginger, worth billions, were also imported from India during the same period.

This unrestricted influx of agricultural imports has led to concerns among local producers in the eastern districts, as they need more market opportunities for their domestic produce. They argue that the continuous flow of vegetables and fruits from India and other countries impacts their ability to compete in the market.