Due to the increasing water scarcity caused by climate change and other factors, the three tiers of government have agreed to cooperate in regulating water usage, preserving water sources, and implementing a recharge system.

This decision was made during a coordination and sanitation thematic committee meeting, convened by the Ministry of Drinking Water in Kathmandu. Representatives from all seven provinces, including drinking water ministers, secretaries, and division chiefs, attended the meeting.

They also decided to gather data on unfinished drinking water projects to ensure a stable water supply throughout the country, including the Madhesh and Karnali provinces.

To facilitate data collection, all provinces have committed to providing support and expediting the completion of these projects. Additionally, they plan to enhance monitoring efforts to prevent project duplication and establish a coordination mechanism among the chiefs of various thematic ministries to share information every three months.

During the meeting, Drinking Water Minister Mahindra Raya Yadav pledged to foster collaboration and coordination among ministries and government agencies to address the issue of diminishing water sources in hilly regions and declining water levels in Terai areas.


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