The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of the Nepal Police has concluded its inquiry into the case involving the smuggling 61 kilograms of gold from Hong Kong into Nepal. Today, they are set to deliver their report and accompanying documentation to the District Government Attorney’s Office.

CIB Chief and Additional Inspector General of Police Kiran Bajracharya informed the RSS that preparations are underway to submit the report today, following the completion of the report writing process on Tuesday.

The CIB is expected to recommend filing charges against the individuals implicated in organized crime, gold smuggling, and other related offenses. The investigation into organized crime has lasted for 60 days.

Since the 60-day deadline is set to expire on September 16, the case will be presented in court. The District Government Attorney’s Office will have a three-day window to review the report before it proceeds to the district court.

Currently, there are 30 individuals in police custody, with one released due to health issues. Those detained in connection with the gold smuggling operation include customs officials, customs agents, gold traders, and Indian and Chinese nationals.

On July 19, the Revenue Investigation Department seized the smuggled gold, which weighed 60 kilograms and 716 grams, from the Sinamangal area.