The Chitwan district has seen a surge in dengue infections. According to the District Health Office, there were 108 reported cases of dengue infection between July 17 and August 18.

This number of dengue cases was identified during testing conducted on 1,164 individuals at various hospitals in the district, as stated by Ram KC, the Information Officer at the District Health Office.

Out of these cases, one person lost their life due to dengue. Among the infected individuals, 60 are residents of Chitwan district, 37 are from other districts, and the identities of 11 individuals remain unknown.

In the fiscal year 2079/80 BS, dengue was detected in 3,324 people through 14,728 tests conducted at different hospitals in the district. Among these cases, 2,306 were Chitwan residents, 695 were from other districts, and the identities of 323 individuals have not yet been confirmed, according to Ram KC.

Last year, four people from Chitwan district lost their lives to dengue.


With inputs from RSS