On Tuesday, a 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck Bajhang district at 2:40 PM, followed by an even more powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake at 3:06 PM.
According to information officer at Bajhang, these events resulted in 1 fatality, with at least 16 individuals sustaining injuries. Among 16, five sustained severe injuries and had been subsequently transported to Dhangadhi for advanced medical care. Among these five, one has been further transferred to Kathmandu for specialized treatment.
Furthermore, over 351 houses were damaged leading to the blockage of roads.
According to the National Earthquake Measurement and Research Center, Bajhang district experienced a total of 14 earthquakes in the span of just one year.
Additionally, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) has given instructions for immediate relief, rescue and management to the people affected by the earthquake in Bajhang.
During the 12th meeting of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council today, he instructed all sectors to collaborate for the relief and management of the human and material damage caused by the earthquake in Bajhang and surrounding areas. He also extended gratitude to everyone involved for the rescue, relief and management initiatives taken this far.
According to the Earthquake Measurement Center in Surkhet, 274 aftershocks occurred between 2:40 PM on Tuesday to present, centered around Bajhang headquarters and its surrounding areas.