All Transport Businesses and Labor Drivers Independent Struggle Committee have campaigned against transport malpractices at the Department of Transport Management at Baneshwor.

Their demands include:

-Immediately close the private rental market and prohibit Indian vehicles from operating in Nepal,

-Manage the taxi stand in the Kathmandu Valley and stop the abuse of the drivers,

-Cancel English embossed plates and maintain Nepali Samvat, Zipius number with Nepali digit identification,

-Provide relief of 25 lakhs in case of death to the person who has an accident through third-party insurance and the government should pay for the entire treatment expense,

-Repeal the law that requires the driver and vehicle owner to go to jail if the taxi meter is found unsealed,

-Apply the international policy by maintaining the exact taxi fare across Nepal,

-Put the ride-sharing apps in the hands of the government of Nepal and cancel all the private apps. Additionally, there should be equalization of the fare of apps and meters,

-Operate transport with a 260% discount on customs for all Madis.