10 Nepalese students were killed in an attack by Hamas on Kibbutz Alumim in southern Israel.

According to Kanta Rijal, the Nepalese Ambassador to Israel, 10 of the 17 students in Kivuz Alumin have died. One is reported missing while two are undergoing treatment at a local hospital. Two others are safe.

Between 6 to 7 am on Saturday morning, Hamas attackers entered the camp where they were staying and started firing blindly.

The students were in Seidot Negev region for an eleven-month “Earn and Learn Program” and had undergone practical learning sessions on September 4th and 5th. They are eighth-semester students of the Faculty of Agriculture of Sudurpaschim University.

The university had sent 49 Nepali students to Seidot Negev Agricultural Training Center, out of which 11 are female students. 49 students were divided into 6 groups and sent to different agricultural farms. 32 students are safe in the bunkers in different agricultural farms.