Yatri Motorcycles became the first domestic automobile manufacturing company to have registered vehicles in Nepal on Monday.

On May 15, the first vehicle of P-1 series of Yatri electric motorbikes was registered and received its number plate and blue book – exactly one year after delivering the first bike of the series.

“Forever grateful to our special users for helping create this history with us! Extraordinary effort from our team, DOTM and MOPIT’s wholesome team and we tip our hat to each and everyone who have supported us in this journey so far,” Yatri expressed their gratitude via social media.

Since Nepal’s Motor Vehicles and Transport Management Act, 1993, did not have a provision for the registration of vehicles made in Nepal, the users of such vehicles were facing problems in Nepal.

With no number plates, owing to registration hurdles, the users have to face trouble during traffic police checking.

After the issue came into the limelight, the Nepal government amended the Transport Management Procedures Guidelines, 2003 to allow the registration of vehicles made in Nepal.