WHO Representative to Nepal Jos Vandelaer has said that with increasing cases of the novel coronavirus, the rate of death among the elderly patients would also soar in Nepal.

In an interview released by the Ministry of Health and Population recently, Dr Vandelaer said the death case among elderly infected persons could increase. He said, “Until a few months ago, COVID-19 cases were mostly reported from the Nepalis returning from abroad including India.

As the number of returning Nepalis has waned, the score of infected cases has also declined. But lately, the COVID-19 cases have risen alarmingly and there’s likelihood of dire state due to the pandemic.” The infection rate in Nepal accounts for 0.1 per cent.

According to him, although the Coronavirus cases could rise, there was nothing to worry about. “Not all people will be infected and not all those infected would succumb to the deadly virus.

Most of the infected persons would have mild symptoms which would not be fatal” he said, urging one and all to observe precaution against the flu-like infection. He was of the view that coordination and collaboration among the three-tiers of the government in Nepal was crucial to prevent and control the COVID-19 and to treat the infected persons.

Dr Vandelaer said the role of the local government was important for contact tracing of the infected persons to control the deadly infection. He emphasised on public-private partnership and collaboration to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the country.