The Vice-Chancellor Selection and Recommendation Committee of Purbanchal University has announced that the conceptual papers and action plans submitted by the applicants is being evaluated and the committee will directly recommend the name of the three candidates for the position due to limited number of candidates.

Ramesh Chandra Paudel, a member of the selection committee, confirmed that the evaluation process is underway and will be followed by presentations and interviews with the candidates. From these assessments, the committee will recommend three candidates for the position.

Paudel explained, “Now, after the experts have finished evaluating the work plan and the conceptual papers, there will be a presentation and an interview, based on which, three people will be recommended.”

The committee had invited applications for the Vice-Chancellor position on February 6, and a list of 18 applicants was announced on February 21.

The tenure of Prof. Dr. Yadav Koirala as the Vice-Chancellor of Purbanchal University officially ended today, although he had bid farewell on February 26, 2024.