Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has started Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) to control the unauthorized import of mobile phones in Nepal.

According to the NTA, the MDMS system is a technology to control the unauthorized entry of mobile phones into Nepal illegally.

With the implementation of this system, all mobile phones entering Nepal will have to be registered to work in Nepal.

Mobile phones operating before the implementation of this system will be automatically registered. However, all the mobile sets coming in after today, September 15 2022, will have to be registered to work in Nepal.

The authority has also advised checking whether or not the mobile phones are registered before making a purchase by visiting

Mobile importers and sellers have also been instructed by the authority to only sell mobiles that have been approved and registered.

With the commencement of this system, NTA stated that by tracking/blocking unregistered mobile sets, it will be easier to prevent such devices from operating in Nepal and help reduce crimes.