The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has started monitoring the implementation status of facilities and concessions for senior citizens, women, and persons with disabilities in public transport as provisioned by the existing law.

Two female traffic cops have been deployed for inspection and monitoring of public vehicles in Kathmandu valley since yesterday.

Superintendent of Police Jeevan Kumar Shrestha said the cops would monitor at least 50 public vehicles a day.

Two weeks ago, lawmakers of the Upper House had raised the issue of poor implementation status of legal provisions meant for senior citizens, women, and persons with disabilities in public transport.

Public vehicles plying the valley road and other long route buses have been denying the facility of 50 per cent discount to rightful passengers.

The Procedure for Senior Citizens in Public Transport-2014, states that a senior citizen shall be entitled to 50 per cent discount in bus, minibus and micro-bus on the basis of ID card indicating his or her age.

However, public vehicles don’t abide by seat quota reserved for the rightful persons.

The Motor Vehicle and Transport Management Act-2019, enacted by the municipal assembly of Kathmandu Metropolitan City also states that any passenger who occupies a seat reserved for women, senior citizens and differently-abled persons shall be liable to a fine of Rs 1,000 in the first instance and Rs 2,000 from the second time.

If any company or organisation violates transport rules, its registration may be revoked, according to the act.