Nanda Prasad Niraula, the 55-year-old social studies teacher at Shree Narayan Basic School in Lalitpur, has been arrested on the charge of sexually molesting 26 girls of grades III, IV and V on the school premises after the school principal, Sabita Silwal, filed a FIR against him.

Despite the fact that Silwal received a hand written complaint against Niraula from the students regarding the issue six days ago, she had not formally lodged a police complaint as the school management board asked her to remain silent.

“I finally decided not to fold under to the weight as I am also a guardian of young girls who were molested,” said Silwal, adding, “The perpetrator must be punished as per the law.”

If the perpetrator is found guilty he could be imprisoned for up to three years and fined up to Rs 30,000. He could even get a longer sentence for deliberately abusing his authority as a teacher, according to police.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Mitra Bandhu Sharma, who heads Metropolitan Police Circle, Satdobato said, “Our case will be stronger if we can convince the parents of the children to furnish their statement.”

Despite being aware of his sketchy past, the school management committee had tried to protect Niraula by delaying to lodge police complaint. Previously, the Guardian Association of Nepal even warned that it would take the case to police if the school management continued being bias.

But in an unexpected turn of events, the school management committee today suspended Niraula from the school and formed a three-member investigation team to support the police in their investigation.