As many as  123 expeditions are being organised on Nepal’s 27 peaks with 968 climbing permits issued this spring season, as per the data by the Department of Tourism (as of 17 May, 2022). The permits have allowed a USD 3,951,500  (NRS 480,119,501.30) revenue for the government.

Of the 123 expeditions, 42 expeditions are for Mt Sagarmatha (Everest) (8848.86m) alone with 319 people attempting to summit its peak.  14 expeditions are being led to the summit of Mt. Lhotse (8516m). A total of 134 mountaineers are attempting to summit Mt. Lhotse, making it the second most popular climb in Nepal, after Everest.

The royalty collection so far from the permission to climb Everest this season is calculated over NRs 390 million. Till date, 2021’s spring season has witnessed the highest expedition teams (45) for Everest with more than 400 climbing permits issued.

Tourism entrepreneurs are enthusiastic to see a positive atmosphere suggesting good indicators in the tourism sector with the slowing down of COVID-19 infection risk, and the increase in arrivals of international tourists. The Department of Tourism (DoT) has also said that it hopes a boost in tourism this year as mountain tourism is vibrant after COVID-19 crisis and that the climate is favorable for climbing.