The National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Department successfully relocated a snow leopard discovered in Urlabari Municipality-1 of Morang to Central Zoo in Jawalakhel.

The rescue mission took place on January 9th, after the leopard was found in a house.

This species, native to the Himalayan region, is a crucial component of the natural food chain, primarily inhabiting the Himalayan region stretching from Kanchanjunga in the east to the Api Nampa conservation area in the west.

Globally, the snow leopard is found in 12 countries across Central and South Asia.

Nepal has 12 protected areas in the Himalayan region, covering approximately 12,815 square kilometers, providing a potential habitat for the snow leopard.

Experts estimate the global snow leopard population to be between 3921 and 6290, with Nepal contributing to this count with an estimated 301 to 400 individuals.