Several individuals are unaccounted for following a flood triggered by heavy rainfall in the Panchthar district’s Hewakhola area. Among the missing are 15 workers at the Hewakhola Hydropower Project-I.

Police said that out of 19 people working on the project, 15 people have gone missing, 3 have been rescued while one person was found dead.

The flood has caused severe damage, including the complete destruction of the Hewakhola bridge, which connects Phidim-4 and Hilihang-7 along the Mechi Highway.

The flooding has disrupted vehicular movement along the highway. Furthermore, a Bailey bridge along the Tamor corridor and a motorable bridge in Phalelung Rural Municipality-3 have also collapsed due to the flood.

Four individuals from the same family have been reported missing following a landslide triggered by continuous rainfall in Sidingwa Rural Municipality, Taplejung. In a separate incident in the Bhalukhop area, a local resident named Ganesh Tamang is also missing.

The landslide also caused damage to the BBC bridge in Inkhola. The increased water flow in the Tamorani and Maiwakhola rivers poses a significant threat to the confluence market in the riverside area.

Due to a landslide near one of the motorable bridges, the road leading to Atharai Tribeni and Maivakhola Rural Municipality has been cut off, obstructing the route.

In another incident, a house in Bagthala, Ward No. 4 Tellok of Sirijanga Rural Municipality, was affected by a landslide, disrupting communication from Badthala to the village office.

The Mechi highway, specifically the Taplejung-Phidim section, is facing a major blockage as the Hewakhola bridge in Panchthar was washed away by flooding. Deputy Superintendent of Police Hari Khatiwada confirmed the complete destruction of the bridge and advised travelers to exercise caution in the affected areas along the Tamor Corridor. The direct route from Taplejung to Jhapa via the Phidim-Ilam route on the Mechi highway is currently inaccessible due to the bridge’s destruction.