Nepal Adarsha Higher Secondary School in Shivapur, Shivaraj Municipality-1, Kapilvastu District, is temporarily closed due to a wave of mass hysteria among its students.

Reports indicate that numerous students have exhibited symptoms such as fainting, restlessness, and screaming, prompting authorities to take swift action.

Dinesh Chaudhary, the education section chief of Shivaraj Municipality, confirmed the closure, attributing it to the alarming behaviors observed among the student body.

School Principal Muktinath Pokhrel disclosed that the incidents occurred during regular school hours, with over 10 girls experiencing these symptoms on Wednesday alone.

The school administration has enlisted the assistance of psychoanalysts to address the underlying causes.

Medical professionals have diagnosed the phenomenon as mass hysteria, a condition characterized by the rapid spread of symptoms within a cohesive group.

Similar occurrence was reported at the local Saraswoti Basic School recently.

(With inputs via RSS)