Farmers in Rukum (East) at Bhume rural municipality wards 4 and 8 are rejoicing over the recent introduction of a ropeway system in their area. This transportation innovation has significantly eased the process of accessing markets for their agricultural produce.

Operated by the Gravity Goods Ropeway, this 1,144-meter-long ropeway system efficiently transports vegetables and fruits between these two wards. Dhan Bahadur Budha, a farmer from Kuchibang, vividly recalled how it used to take them three to four hours to trek from Kuchibang to Kandabagar with their produce. However, thanks to the ropeway, the journey now takes an average of just two minutes.

The ropeway has not only saved time but also brought much-needed convenience to villages that lack proper road access. Although a road has been recently constructed in Kuchibang, vehicles don’t traverse it, which has limited access to nearby markets like Khabang and Rukumkot for the local farmers.

Jhalak Roka, another farmer from Kuchibang, revealed that the inconvenience of reaching marketplaces had discouraged him from considering vegetable farming. However, the ropeway’s operation has inspired many farmers like him to engage in commercial vegetable farming, including crops like cabbages, carrots, and cucumbers, owing to the favorable soil conditions in Kuchibang.

Around 242 households in places like Kuching, Maibang, Jhumka, Handi, and others have greatly benefited from the ropeway, as confirmed by Dilli Budhachettri, a local accountant. Besides aiding farmers, the ropeway has proven valuable in transporting food items for school mid-day snacks and various other purposes.

The Kuchibang to Kandabagar ropeway project received financial support from UK Aid and other social organizations. UK Aid contributed over Rs 4.3 million, while the remaining Rs 500,000 was raised through local labor contributions, as informed by Hom Prakash Shrestha, chairperson of the Bhume rural municipality.

There are plans to transform Kuchibang into a model agricultural village, with the ropeway playing a pivotal role in facilitating farmers in marketing their agricultural products, according to Shrestha.


With inputs from RSS