The Ratnanagar Municipality in Eastern Chitwan has successfully implemented the ‘disadvantaged treatment fund.’ Over the past 10 months, a total of 40 residents of the municipality have benefited from this fund.

With the aim of providing medical facilities to the most underprivileged individuals, the municipality established and activated a treatment fund of Rs 3 million at Bakullar Ratnanagar Hospital. Mayor Prahlad Sapkota explained that the fund was designed to assist economically disadvantaged families who could not afford medical treatment.

The municipality formulated the necessary procedures and operated the fund last year. According to the fund’s guidelines, patients can receive financial aid of up to Rs 10,000 for their treatment, with additional amounts being provided based on their specific needs. In cases requiring surgery, patients were granted financial assistance of up to Rs 20,000.

Mayor Sapkota mentioned that three patients who required surgery had received aid exceeding Rs 10,000 thus far. He further explained that the distribution of financial assistance is carried out based on recommendations from the ward office.

The disadvantaged treatment fund was established to offer health insurance and emergency medical support to marginalized communities, as informed by Mayor Sapkota.


With inputs from RSS.