The Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO) has blacklisted 22 construction companies for poor performance.

The blacklisting periods range from one to three years, preventing the companies from participating in any procurement processes of public bodies during this time.

Among the blacklisted entities is Lohani & Brothers Pvt Ltd, situated in Bharatpur-7, Chitwan, which faces a three-year blacklist following a recommendation from the Road Division Office, Bharatpur.

JK Builders in Kohalpur-11, Banke, has also been blacklisted for three years, based on a recommendation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law Dhangadhi.

Other companies, namely Sharmila Nirman Sewa and Om Gaurishankar Infrastructure Pvt Ltd in Kirtipur, have also faced blacklisting for three years.

Similarly, Devi Raman Construction Company, Khadgadevi Constructs in Bandipur, Gajurmukhi Construction Company in Ilam, Nawa Nirman Builders Pvt Ltd in Janakpur, and SBM Engineering Associates in Kathmandu, have been blacklisted for two years.