Nepal Bar Association (NBA) has staged protest in front of Supreme Court after the impeachment motion against Chief Justice (CJ) Cholendra Shumsher JB Rana by previous federal parliament is now ineffective.

The lawyers staged protest as suspended CJ Rana is preparing to make a comeback at the Supreme Court after receiving a letter deeming the impeachment motion against him ineffective.

Bharat Raj Gautam, General Secretary at the federal parliament, sent a letter to the Office of the President, Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers and Supreme Court informing that the motion against CJ Rana is ineffective after the election of new House of Representatives on November 20.

The term of the previous parliament effectively ended with the recently-held elections.

With the completion of the HoR elections on November 20, the earlier letter from the parliament general secretary that had barred Chief justice Rana from performing his judicial duties has become ineffective, read the letter.

“The impeachment motion has also been rendered ineffective as the process did not move ahead even after the Impeachment Motion Recommendation Committee submitted its report following an investigation after the motion was filed and initial discussions were held at the House of Representatives,” the letter further reads.

As many as 98 lawmakers on February 13 had registered the motion against Rana, citing Article 101(2), leading to Rana’s suspension.

In the impeachment motion, the lawmakers had slapped 21 charges against the chief justice including, failure to strengthen judiciary system and failure to protect the country’s legal sector.

Deepak Kumar Karki has taken the charge of the Supreme Court as acting chief justice after Rana’s suspension.