The municipality office in Bahrabise on Friday demolished unauthorized houses and huts in the market area of the municipality at Sindhupalchowk. This triggered a violent protest from the local residents on Saturday which in turn resulted in a prohibitory order in Bahrabise.

The prohibitory order has been issued in Bahrabise Bazaar area from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm today.

Yesterday, irate protesters padlocked the municipality office, vandalized the office and broke flower pots to show their dissatisfaction over the office’s move to dismantle illegally built houses and huts.

SP Prajwal Maharjan of District Police Office, Sindhupalchowk, said the prohibitory order was issued with the objective to maintain peace and security in the area.

The order issued by Chief District Officer Gomadevi Chemjong states that the prohibitory order has been issued within 300 meters east of Bahrabise Bazaar and Bhotekoshi River (Pul Ramche) in the west.

The administration has also prohibited gatherings within the Area Police Office in Bahrabise Municipality-4 in north and from Barabise Bazaar to Piskar / Kshamadevi Mandir, Sunkoshi Chowk in south from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm today.

The order also says that no one is allowed to form a group of more than five people with the intent of protesting or rioting.