In a recent program organized by the Blue Diamond Society, advocates emphasized the urgent need for political parties to address the concerns of the sexual and gender minority community. There is growing frustration over the prolonged delay in enacting laws that safeguard the fundamental rights of LGBTIQ individuals.

Sobita Gautam, a lawmaker and leader of the Rastriya Swatantra Party, urged all political parties to exhibit sensitivity and prioritize the civil rights guaranteed in the constitution. She emphasized the importance of avoiding politicization in the parliament when deliberating on bills related to gender inclusion.

Lily Thapa, a member of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), focused more on the necessity of eliminating all forms of discrimination to ensure social justice, equality, and human rights within society.

During the program, Ramhari Gaire, Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens, conveyed that the Ministry acknowledges its responsibility in formulating laws and stated that the Ministry is actively working towards this goal by developing an annual action plan.

However, Pinky Gurung, the president of the Blue Diamond Society, expressed dissatisfaction, stating that the state appeared indifferent to the implementation of laws drafted for the identity and rights of the LGBTIQ community.